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Pond Detox Formula 300g

Pond Detox Formula 300g


Airborne pollution / Tap water contamination / Heavy metals / Horticultural products / Plant toxins / Acid rain / Ammonia / Nitrite / Chemical overdose and general poor pond water conditions.

The list of substances that can end up in a pond is endless. In some cases, the fish may be mildly affected by a contaminant whilst the degree of toxicity in other ponds can be severe. When the fish are at greater risk more Pond Detox Formula will be required as a neutralising agent whereas minor irritation following heavy rain for example may respond to less of the product depending on the acidity of the rain. Pond Detox Formula can also be used in quarantine, hospital, or temporary tank facilities. Even at low levels, fish are more susceptible to disease when exposed to any water contaminant. Pond Detox Formula neutralises all forms of pollution, improves water clarity, and settles particles. It can enrich the water improving skin lustre and optimising fish health.

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