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Burtons BD 300 Combi

Burtons BD 300 Combi

  • 60 micron screen
  • 35,000 ltr flowrate though drum section
  • 3 x 110mm inlets
  • 3 x 110mm outlets plus 2 x 110mm outlets before bio section
  • Can have UVs fitted inside
  • Low energy consumption 1.3watts in standby mode and 150 watts when cleaning.
  • Wash pump included

It houses all the same technology as a normal BD 300 but has a built in Bio-Chamber suitable for up to 100lts of Fluidised Media or any other biological Media that is preferred for example Jap-Mat or Ceramic Media.

As standard in the Burtons range, these drums come with a 60 micron screen, and a weather proof auto control box, in which you can wire in and control both your UV’s and your water pumps. 

These drums feature 3 x 110mm inlets and 3 x 110mm outlets. Plus 2 x 110mm outlets before the bio section.

The BD 300 Combi can handle upto 35,000ltr per hour though the drum section. We would reccomend taking no more that 15,000 ltrs from the bio section outlets, if you want more flow we have added outlets either side to pull the additional flow. 

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