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Balance Plus 50/50 Floating Sinking Mix 10kg

Balance Plus 50/50 Floating Sinking Mix 10kg


High quality, special blend food, designed to promote a strong and healthy immune system. It is packed with pre-vitamins and increased levels of stabilised Vitamin C to keep your koi in top condition. Ideal to feed coming out of winter or when water temperatures are lower, or as an all year round food, the perfect balance of ingredients, along with Montmorillonite Clay and prebiotics will also ensure lower waste levels and a healthy koi. Perfect to feed after medication or (re)starting filters.


Ingredients: White Fish Meal, Propolis, Fish Oil, Maize, Paprika, Astaxanthin, Garlic, Sprirulina, Nucleotides, Premix Vitamins, Montmorillonite Clay, Minerals

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