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Activex Live Filter Bacteria 300ml

Activex Live Filter Bacteria 300ml


Activex filtration bacteria contains a mineral rich gel that sticks to all filter media. The minerals in the gel are food for the filter bacteria allowing them to rapidly reproduce and therefore colonise the filter faster. Activex contains all the necessary strains of bacteria that support the parts of the nitrogen cycle that are vital to a healthy pond filter system.

Dose: Introduce 10 ml of Activex per cubic foot of biological filter - there is no need to measure this precisely. Feed Activex into the biological part of the filter not the mechanical area.  In a mature pond use Activex occasionally to boost filter performance particularly and after chemical treatment or heavy feeding.  In new ponds allow 2 or 3 days between each application of Activex.  In the case of a new pond test the water frequently for ammonia and nitrite – when the filter is mature test regularly to ensure the water is safe for fish

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